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Owners and Contractors turn to Ace Avant for the coveted combination of quality, service, safety and innovation. Our position as a leader in the industry has been earned with a strong work ethic, dedication to quality, and thoughtful innovation.

We can offer contractors a simplified, turnkey site and concrete solution because we have the resources, knowledge, and ability to develop a project from raw land to a complete concrete package. With more than 330 million square feet of high tolerance industrial floors and tilt-up wall panels successfully completed in over 20 states, our service is unparalleled.

Relationships that have been cultivated over the past 30 years with top suppliers and subcontractors provide additional capabilities to our company. Our broad knowledge and team approach allow us to custom tailor solutions to fit any job requirement.

Our team is comprised of more than 300 employees, allowing us to develop specialized crews and deliver quality jobs on schedule.

Golden Trowel Awards are presented annually for the flattest and most level concrete floors in the world. Ace Avant has won a record 26 Golden Trowels.


We have extensive experience with major manufactured forming and shoring systems along with in-house design capabilities. We self-perform layout and maintain strict quality control to preserve the highest tolerances. We construct cast-in-place formed walls and columns along with formed and shored slabs and beams.


We also build: 

  • Footings

  • Pile caps

  • Grade beams

  • Walls

  • Columns and elevated concrete structures

  • Site walls and structures

  • Building frames

  • Shear walls

  • Shafts

  • Single or multi-story structures

  • Post tensioned slabs

  • Architectural exposed surfaces

  • Water containment structures

  • Vaults

  • Linear accelerator structures

  • Equipment foundations.


Our TCA certified team has extensive experience with tilt-up and is able to exploit the many advantages of tilt-up design and construction. We can also incorporate features such as brick inlay, insulated panels, or a company logo. Tilt-up walls have a structural integrity that meets strict design codes, and are resistant to natural disasters including fires and hurricane winds. Tilt-up concrete walls can also help with obtaining the LEED green building certification because they use local material and less waste, are energy efficient, recyclable, and durable.



A recipient of 26 Golden Trowel awards, Ace Avant is a proven leader in concrete floor construction. Co-owner Dave Somero's Laser Screed revolutionized the entire concrete industry, starting with Ace Avant. We leverage the capabilities of the Somero Laser Screed to place and finish everything from Office/Retail space, to High Tolerance Super Flat Floors with efficient production and high quality. Ace Avant's slab crews include ACI certified finishers.


Grading and Utilities

On raw land we utilize GPS machine control to accurately and efficiently perform heavy earth moving projects. We have a broad range of experience and the capability to take care of your sitework needs. Our grading crews have the following capabilities:

  • Clearing

  • Demolition

  • Cut and fill to grade

  • Erosion control

  • Stone base

  • Curb & gutter

  • Road widening

Our utility crews are proficient in the following areas:

  • Storm drains

  • Sanitary sewer systems including pump stations and pretreatment stations

  • Water systems

  • Conduit installation



We are certified by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association to install pervious concrete. Pervious concrete is a porous paving product that offers significant advantages to contractors. It can provide points towards LEED certification, eliminate the need for expensive storm drainage fixtures, and improve the safety of the completed project by reducing risk of ponding and ice. As a low impact development technique, it has the potential to maximize land use by providing some offset to the need for retention ponds.

We also provide standard concrete paving. Our 3D Laser Screed technology is used on complex exterior projects to place larger sections of concrete paving while requiring fewer construction joints.

Read more about Pervious Concrete: - This site outlines benefits, performance, mix designs, construction, maintenance and other features of pervious concrete.



Our Specialty Team has a diverse background of specialized skills with a history of serving clients' customized needs. This ensures the challenges of your unique project will be met with expert solutions.

For more information on our specialty services, click here



Since our founding, when Dave Somero developed the industry renowned Somero Laser Screed, we've been committed to both developing and utilizing innovative equipment. Some of the specialized construction equipment we currently employ:



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