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Invest in your slab.

High performance concrete floors for high performance facilities.



A concrete floor design which provides durable, flat, smooth, and virtually curl-free floors with fewer joints and fewer maintenance costs.


Curling and joint deterioration are perhaps the most common contributors to repair costs when standard concrete floors are installed in high performance environments.

Decreased efficiency and production

Unnecessary equipment wear & tear

Equipment driver fatigue

Loss or damage of product


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This is where it starts. Ace/Avant works hand in hand with building owners, builders, and designers to select the AVANTCRETE product which best suits the performance requirements of the floor. Aesthetics, abrasion resistance, durability, joint spacing, and mix design are all important when determining the level of AVANTCRETE product needed.



AVANTCRETE is both developed and installed by Ace Avant. Ace Avant is a highly-decorated flooring contractor who currently holds the most Golden Trowels in the world for installing floors in the super-flat category. Ace Avant has over 30 years’ experience installing high performance floors and has all of the in-house resources to handle all phases of your AVANTCRETE project. Contact us today to discuss what AVANTCRETE can do for your facility.

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