Our Specialty Team has a diverse background of specialized skills with a history of serving clients' customized needs. This ensures the challenges of your unique project will be met with expert solutions.

Joint Filling, Sealing, Repair, and Stabilization
Joint sealing, industrial joint filling, as well as joint repair, joint stabilization, and concrete slab stabilization services.
Concrete Grinding and Polishing
Transform your concrete flooring into a beautiful, but yet extremely durable finished flooring surface.
Concrete Surface Treatments and Coatings
Floor hardeners, densifiers, sealers, and resinous floor coatings. Protecting your concrete floors to ensure they sustain, and perform.
Floor Surface Preparation
Properly prepare your concrete substrates so that they can receive any coatings, finishes, or floorcoverings.
Concrete Cutting and Coring
A full range of concrete cutting, coring, flat sawing, and wall sawing services.
Concrete Repair
Repair, protect, and restore your concrete. Overhead, vertical, horizontal for industrial and commercial applications.
Retrofitting and Upfitting
Installation of equipment pads, machinery pits, new warehouse dock doors and more.
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