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Industrial Floor Repairs, Coatings and Upfits

Total concrete repair and restoration

Our Specialty Team has a diverse background of specialized skills with a history of serving clients' customized needs. This ensures the challenges of your unique project will be met with expert solutions.

Services provided are:




Ace/Avant's Specialty Division has Craftsman Level Certification from the Concrete Polishing Council of the ASCC. We offer a diverse range of polishing methods and products to produce craftsman level quality for your specific project.

Power Trowel Polish

Ace/Avant now offers a Power Trowel polish which achieves the same results as a traditional polish.  Up to 20,000 SF can be polished in a single day saving costs. This method is best suited for new or existing buildings over 100K SF with open areas.

Troika Polish

Ace/Avant also offers a Troika polish which is a 3 head attachment that attaches to a skid steer.  Up to 10,000 SF can be polished in a single day saving costs.  This method is best suited for new or existing buildings over 20K SF with open areas.

Walk-Behind Polish

In some instances, walk-behind polishers are the only option. We offer both wet and dry grinding as well as electric or propane with these machines. These are best suited for office/retail buildings and upfit projects.

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No matter the size of type of project, Ace/Avant can provide a method and solution for you!

Benefits of Polished Concrete

Retailers, schools, car dealers, offices, restaurants, manufacturing plants, and warehouse facilities are choosing polished concrete as a finished flooring because of its competitive advantages, as well as its aesthetic values. Some of the benefits of polished concrete are:

Cost Savings

Traditional floor-covering materials are eliminated when the existing concrete slab is polished.

Light Reflectivity Properties

Building owners, architects, and designers select polished concrete as it decreases the need for interior lighting, as well as projects a clean, professional image.

Extremely Low Life-Cycle Cost

Annual maintenance costs and life cycle costs are typically a fraction of traditional floorcoverings or epoxy resinous floor coatings.

Less Affected by Moisture Vapor Transmission Problems

A polished concrete floor will allow concrete slab moisture to transmit and “breathe”. Virtually all other floor coverings, flooring adhesives, and resinous floor coatings are extremely sensitive and have strict moisture limitations.


Virtually all interior floor slabs have saw-cut control and construction joints. Over time, heavy point loads from material handling equipment, i.e. forklifts and pallet jacks will break the edges of these joints, causing them to spall out and worsen over time. A floor joint that has been properly cleaned, prepared, and filled with a joint filler will minimize or eliminate this damage.

Ace Avant’s Specialty Division installs over 500,000 linear feet of interior slab joint fillers annually. We are a multi-manufacturer approved applicator, have state of the art dual component, joint filling pumps, as well as gas, propane, & electric powered clean out saws and vacuums that are used to properly prepare these floor joints.


  • Interior concrete saw cuts, construction and expansion joints

  • Exterior concrete saw cuts, construction and expansion joints

  • Concrete Tilt Wall/Precast panel joints

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Industrial Caulking, Tilt up Caulker, Tily Up Maintenance, Complete Industrial Maintenance

Are bad floor joints hurting your employee’s productivity, damaging product and material handling equipment, and cutting into your bottom line? Are bad floor joints hurting your employee's back?

Ace Avant specializes in repair and stabilization of industrial floors and floor joints. Almost all commercial and industrial concrete floors and floor joints require ongoing maintenance. Material handling operations conducted on unstable concrete floor slabs and joints can cause costly product and equipment damage, hinder productivity, and even pose a risk to employee health and safety.


  • Joint Rebuild

  • Joint Sawing

  • Crack Repair

  • Curled Slab Restoration

  • Floor Slab and Joint Stabilization

  • Slab Void Filling

Indutrial Floor Repair, Concrete Floor joint Repair
Joint Restoration, Metzger McGuire Armor hard,Expert Joint Repair, Ace Avant
Joint Filling/Repair


While an extremely durable and strong structure, concrete is not immune to the elements. Concrete is a very porous structure, and if left unprotected, it will deteriorate over time.

Ace Avant’s Specialty Division is a leader in concrete repair, strengthening, and protection for a wide variety of repair and restoration challenges. Whether it is restoring and strengthening a parking structure, repairing a warehouse slab, or replacing a mezzanine deck, Ace Avant’s specialty crews have the necessary experience and training to ensure a successful repair.

Structural Concrete Repair Experts, Concrete Restoration, Concrete Structural Repair
Concrete Structural Repair, Parking Deck Repair, Tilt up Repair, Ace Avant, Euclid, Mapei, Sika, CFRP

Ace Avant’s Specialty Division repairs and restores a wide variety of concrete structures including, but not limited to:

  • Industrial and commercial warehouse floors and joints

  • Tilt-up wall panels

  • Parking structures

  • Poorly consolidated concrete

  • Corrosion damaged concrete

  • Concrete buildings and structures

  • Epoxy injection

Structural Concrete Repair Experts, Concrete Restoration, Concrete Structural Repair
Structural Concrete Repair Experts, Concrete Restoration, Concrete Structural Repair
Epoxy Injection Repairs, Ace Avant Concrete Repair, Sika, Structural Concrete Repair
Concrete Repair


Ace/Avant’s Specialty Division offers a wide array of resinous flooring systems to meet a wide range of budgets, as well as the particular coating need for the environment and intended use of the space.

Whether you need a coating system that needs to withstand floor moisture vapor for use underneath a floor covering, or you need a coating that can withstand harsh battery acids, we have many options available and can work with Architects, Owners, GC’s and material suppliers to make the best coating system recommendation and selection for your particular needs.

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Ace/Avant’s Specialty Division has access to and experience in applying a wide variety of concrete sealers and other types of protective coatings. 

Some of the various sealers and protective coatings are:

  • Acrylic Sealers

  • Polyurethane Sealers

  • Mehtylmethacrylate (MMA)

  • Polyurea

  • UV Cured Sealers

  • Epoxy Line Striping

Raleigh Epoxy Coatings, Specialty Concrete Epoxy Coatings,
North Carolina Warehouse coatings, Warehouse Striping, Industrial Coatings, Sherwin Williams, Armor Top, 4620 General Polymers, Duraflex, Key Resins, Flowcrete, Ace Avant, Concrete Coatings


Ace Avant includes retrofitting and up-fitting among its diverse capabilities. We enjoy going into an existing facility or space and being an integral part of the transformation into a new productive atmosphere.

Our services include:

  • Concrete demolition

  • Remove and replace concrete

  • Concrete pour back

  • New equipment foundations

  • Underpinning/Adding new loading docks

  • Concrete curbs

  • Exterior concrete - sidewalks, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate concrete

  • New ground up concrete construction

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Industrial Concrete Replacement, Concrete Upfit,, Fast Concrete Replacement,Troweled Concrete, Expert Concrete Finishing

Most of these services are needed when renovating an existing space and we will work with you every step of the way.

Heavy Steel Structural Concrete, Rebar Basket, Ace Avant Specialty

What separates us is that we offer many different services that would allow you to eliminate multiple contractors and save on project costs.

Warehouse Retrofit


Ace Avant constructs both interior and exterior equipment foundations ranging from small generator pads to large crane and equipment foundations. 

Our services include:

  • Concrete and asphalt demolition

  • Mass excavation

  • Shoring 

  • Concrete retaining walls

  • Installing embeds and miscellaneous steel

  • Concrete placement

Industrial Floor Replacement, Complete Concrete Services, Decorative Concrete Solutions
Freezer Upfits, Heavyduty industrial Floors
Specialty Concrete Foundations
Equipment pits, Industrial Upfit
Equipment Pads, High Quality Concrete Instalation
Equipment Foundations


Ace Avant’s Specialty Division has its own Concrete Cutting and Coring Division and takes on all size projects, large to small.

Concrete Cutting North Carolina, Concrete Coring, Ace Avant Cutting Division, Husqvarna, Diamond Saw
Bridge Concrete Repair, NCDOT repairs, Ace Avant Specialty, Mapei, Euclid, Rapid Set, North Carolina Concrete Leaders

Ace Avant’s Cutting Division provides the following services:

  • Flat slab sawing

  • Core drilling

  • Hand sawing

  • Wall sawing

  • Green sawing

  • Diamond chain sawing

  • Breaking, removal and hauling concrete

  • Structural concrete demolition

  • Gas, hydraulic and electric equipment

 North Carolina Core Drilling, Concrete Coring, Concrete Cutting, North Carolina Concrete Cutting Contractor

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