AvantCrete™ Wide Slab Floor Systems

AvantCrete™ is a slab design that offers flat, smooth, and virtually curl-free floors with fewer joints by using a time-tested technology that has proven to be superior to the commonly used slab designs. We refer to this technology as wide slab construction.

What is “Wide Slab Floor Construction”?

AvantCrete™ uses single course installation giving the slab continuity from “top to bottom”. Our floors provide a beautiful, durable finish that meets or exceeds design requirements, and owner’s expectations.

The term “wide slab floor construction” is used to describe the two different types of steel fiber reinforced slabs:

    1. Extended Joint Slabs – typically control joint spacing is placed in line with column spacing
    2. Joint Free Slabs – no control joints, only construction joints
Shaw Industries, Adairsville, GA, 650,000 SF

AvantCrete™ Applications

  • Industrial/Commercial Warehouses
  • Super Flat Fmin Slabs
  • Distribution Centers
  • Cold Storage/Freezer Facilities
  • Retail
  • Athletic Facilities

AvantCrete™ Advantages:

  • Fewer Joints means a smooth ride that your lift truck operators will brag about
  • Lowers overall lifetime maintenance costs; fewer joints mean less wear and tear on fork trucks
  • Time-proven slab designs that allow for less problematic installation as compared to traditional floor designs
  • Attention to detail from the TOP leaders in the concrete industry
  • Best FF and FL numbers in the industry
  • We do not use “magic potions” – we tell you what’s in the mix
  • AvantCrete™ provides owners with confidence that the project will be a SUCCESS
Distribution Center, North Carolina, 860,000 SF

Why Choose AvantCrete™?

  • Best warranty in the business      
  • Best Quality Assurance Program in the Business
  • Slab Engineering included and Stamped Drawings provided
  • Review of all plans and specs to get it right the first time
  • Consulting Service provided by both national and local experts
  • Host and Chair AvantCrete’s thorough Pre-Pour Meeting
  • Review and adjustment of the mix-design for lowest possible shrinkage based on the local available materials
  • You always get the “A”-Team

AvantCrete™ Competively Prices Slabs:

For the same price as an ACI recommended slab, AvantCrete™ provides a floor that matches any floor in the industry for beauty, durability, toughness, life expectancy and lowest maintenance cost of any competitive design. 

AvantCrete™ offers two different levels of slabs to meet owner expectations and budget: 


AvantCrete™ Wide Slab Floor Systems


Typical Slab


Extended Joint


Joint Free

legend1.png Column

legend2.png Sawcut


100' x 100' sections

Columns at 50'






Joint Spacing

12' 6"




1400 LF

200 LF




5 years

10 years

Other Features


• Dowel baskets at control joints

• All Ace/Avant details
• Surface densifier/hardener application