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Commercial Concrete JOINT filling & repair

Protect your concrete structures from deterioration with Ace Avant’s professional joint filling and repair solutions. Our comprehensive services ensure seamless and durable results, addressing wear and tear while preventing future damage. 

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Lance Somero
Lance Somero
Really great company. Great ownership and team leadership! Second to none when it comes to turn key sitework/concrete work.
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Olivia Pekkala
The company is a leading provider of concrete services. Their crews are professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. No other company provides the optimal skill set Ace/Avant provides in concrete work. Employees at the company are treated with genuine care by the owners, making it a great place to work.
W.D. Stevens
W.D. Stevens
High moral values, Top of the line quality, Happy repeat customers and the employees are treated as family.The safety program is over the top. Can't go wrong choosing ACE AVANT
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Dcs dcs
The highest integrity in the industry with expertise second to none.
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zack mendenhall
Great company to work for come and join us

Joint Repair, Stabilization & Maintenance

Virtually all interior floor slabs have saw-cut control and construction joints. Over time, heavy point loads from material handling equipment, i.e. forklifts and pallet jacks will break the edges of these joints, causing them to spall out and worsen over time. A floor joint that has been properly cleaned, prepared, and filled with a joint filler will minimize or eliminate this damage.

Are bad floor joints hurting your employee’s productivity, damaging product and material handling equipment, and cutting into your bottom line? Are bad floor conditions and damaged joints causing back injuries or complaints from your forklift operators?

Ace Avant specializes in repair and stabilization of industrial concrete floors and joints. Almost all commercial and industrial concrete floors and floor joints require ongoing maintenance. Material handling operations conducted on unstable concrete floor slabs and joints can cause costly product and equipment damage, hinder productivity, and even pose a risk to employee health and safety.


New Joint Filling/Sealing:

Ace Avant’s Specialty Division installs over 500,000 linear feet of interior slab joint fillers annually. We are a multi-manufacturer approved applicator, have state of the art dual component, joint filling pumps, as well as gas, propane, & electric powered clean out saws and vacuums that are used to properly prepare these floor joints.

Understanding the Types of Concrete Joints

Concrete joints are essential for controlling the behavior of concrete slabs and ensuring their longevity and durability. At Ace Avant, we specialize in the maintenance and repair of various types of concrete joints, including saw-cut control joints, construction joints, and expansion joints. Understanding these different types of joints can help you appreciate the importance of proper joint filling and repair.

Saw-Cut Control Joints

Saw-Cut Control Joints are intentional cuts placed in the concrete to control where the slab will crack due to shrinkage. These joints are typically installed at regular intervals soon after the concrete has been poured and partially set. They help manage the natural expansion and contraction of concrete, ensuring that cracks occur in a controlled and aesthetically acceptable manner.

Key Benefits:

Crack Prevention: Helps prevent random cracking by directing where the slab will crack.

Structural Integrity: Maintains the overall strength and appearance of the concrete slab.

Easy Installation: Can be quickly and efficiently cut into the slab with specialized saws.

Construction Joints

Construction Joints are placed where two successive concrete placements meet. These joints are essential for the integrity of large concrete pours that cannot be completed in one go. Properly filled and sealed construction joints prevent water infiltration and maintain the structural continuity of the slab.

Key Benefits:

Continuity: Ensures structural continuity between different concrete pours.

Water Resistance: Prevents water from seeping into the concrete, reducing the risk of damage.

Flexibility: Allows for separate concrete placements without compromising the overall integrity of the floor.

Expansion Joints

Expansion Joints are designed to allow for the expansion and contraction of the concrete due to temperature changes. These joints are typically placed at regular intervals and around structures that might restrict movement, such as columns or walls. Expansion joints prevent cracks and structural damage by providing space for the concrete to move.

Key Benefits:

Movement Accommodation: Allows the concrete to expand and contract without causing damage.

Crack Prevention: Reduces the risk of cracking due to temperature fluctuations.

Protection: Helps protect adjacent structures from stress and potential damage.

Benefits of Professional Joint Maintenance

Investing in professional joint maintenance offers numerous advantages, including:

Extended Floor Life: Proper joint maintenance extends the lifespan of your concrete floors.

Reduced Equipment Damage: Well-maintained joints minimize wear and tear on material handling equipment.

Improved Safety: Filling and repairing joints reduces trip hazards and enhances workplace safety.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Seamless joints contribute to a clean, professional appearance.

Trust our expertise at Ace Avant to extend the life of your concrete structures, enhance safety, and maintain a clean, professional appearance in your facility. With quality materials and tailored solutions, Ace Avant is your partner for reliable and efficient joint maintenance. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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