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An Industry-wide Reputation For Safe Work.

Safe Avant

Our solid reputation as a leader in the industry is built on the foundation of safety. Ace Avant works hard to ensure the well-being of our clients and employees by keeping our job sites hazard free. We invest a significant amount of time training our team, ensuring they are well equipped for the tasks at hand.

Safety Program

In addition to the outside training we provide for our employees, Ace Avant also employs an in-house OTI (OSHA Training Institute) 500 trainer that is always available to our team. Hard hats, safety glasses, Class II safety vest, steel toe work boots, and cut resistant gloves are required on all job sites. We kick-off each week with a “Toolbox Talk,” where best safety practices are shared and reviewed. 

Our team of well-trained, experienced employees includes:

Leo Saldierna

Safety Director