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Tracy Matson

Chief Executive Officer
Over 30 years ago, Tracy set out on a mission. He believed better people with better ideas could produce better concrete floors. Today, the team continues to prove this as the Ace Avant family leads the industry for safety, quality, and speed. A visionary, Tracy is highly involved with building the team and thrives when making dreams become reality.

Michael Somero

You want to catch Michael on a Saturday morning? 9 times out of 10 you’ll find him running trails in the Uwharrie National Forest. With a longstanding commitment to the vision, his efforts at ensuring Ace Avant is a coveted asset on any project strengthens the company immeasurably.
Ext. 113

John Pekkala

Senior Vice President
Dedicated, with an indomitable spirit and work ethic, John keeps it real. He’s a straight talker, whose invaluable experience allows him to see it for what it is, and get the job done.
Ext. 131

Erik Linn

Vice President Pre-construction
Associates know Erik to be a real straight shooter. His knowledge of the industry and his field of expertise has made him an influential member of the company. Erik is a family man, and athleticism runs in his DNA, with tennis being a forte of his, and two sons who excel at sports.
Ext. 116

Luke Estola


Thoughtful and calculated, Luke’s accounting acumen coupled with his strong business integrity has enabled Ace Avant to meet goals and focus on the future. Luke enjoys hunting in Michigan as well as honing his golf skills.
Ext. 122

Beth Summerell

Accounts Payable
The more business you do, the more invaluable team members like Beth become. Handling innumerable receipts and invoices in stride, Beth keeps the accounts payable in order. Beth’s true passion are her two sons.
Ext. 117

Dan Hill

He’s been there and done it, so he knows what it takes to get it done, and schedules accordingly. Dan keeps progress running smoothly, while motivating colleagues to join him for lunchtime gym sessions. He’s an avid whitetail hunter, and looks forward to climbing tree stands before daylight in deer season, even though he’s scared of the dark.
Ext. 123

Benjamin Henault

Concrete Division Manager
Benjamin brings the “A-Game.” His professional approach to leadership and keen understanding of concrete keeps our Concrete Division at the cutting edge of the industry. Benjamin enjoys spending time with his young family, and is in his element on the golf course.
Ext. 129

Steven Perkins

Site Division Manager
Steve puts everything he’s got into everything he does. He’s a division manager, but you can expect to find him out on the site. Outside of work, he’ll likely be ranching his cattle and ostriches, but that’s only if he’s not at the fire-station where he’s volunteer Chief.
Ext. 149

Zachary Matson

Specialty Division Manager
Always enthusiastic, Zach is bound and determined to get it done, and to get it done right. With a broad skill set forged from experience, both in managing and in the technical side of his field. Up for the challenge, Zach is always hungry for more.
Ext. 132

Greg Hupp

Operations manager – specialty division

Greg is known for his straightforward handling of many Specialty Divisions Services. Concrete Cutting, Concrete Upfits, and Resinous Projects all follow his direction. When he’s away from his projects you’ll find him out on the trail putting in the extra miles.

Aaron Williamson


Skilled in project planning, estimating, and client relations, Aaron oversees projects from start to finish. His proactive approach, attention to detail and collaborative style foster strong relationships with clients. With a commitment to professional development, Aaron is dedicated to driving success for Ace Avant and exceeding client expectations on every project. Outside of work you can find him on a golf course or at a Duke Basketball game.

Sofia Villa

Human Resources
With the #ACEFAM for several years, Sofia is always up for a challenge. Totally fluent in English and Spanish, she’s well versed and stays current on the latest practices in HR. Besides being an integral team member respected by her colleagues, Sofia is a dedicated mother to her three boys, as well as a phenomenal pianist.
Ext. 143

Leo Saldierna

Safety Director

Leo, is a dedicated Safety Director who brings valuable experiences and a unique perspective to his role. As an Army Veteran, Father and Husband he possesses a strong sense of discipline, responsibility, and a deep commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of others. Leo is a passionate traveler and a baseball enthusiast. His diverse experiences, coupled with his passion for continuous improvement, enable him to lead with integrity and dedication, impacting the safety and security of all.


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