Joint Filling, Sealing, Repair and Stabilization

Specialty Service

Metzger.jpgConcrete Floor Joint Filling: 

Virtually all interior floor slabs have saw-cut control, contraction, and cold joints. Over time, heavy point loads from material handling equipment, i.e. forklifts and pallet jacks will break the edges of these joints, causing them to spall out and worsen over time. A floor joint that has been properly cleaned, prepared, and filled with a joint filler will minimize or eliminate this damage.

Ace/Avant’s Specialty Division installs over 500,000 linear feet of interior slab joint fillers annually. We are a Metzger/McGuire approved applicator, have state of the art dual component, joint filling pumps, as well as propane powered clean out saws that are used to properly prepare these floor joints.

Concrete Floor Joint Repair & Stabilization:

Are bad floor joints hurting your employee’s productivity, damaging product and material handling equipment, and cutting into your bottom line?

concrete floor joint repairAce/Avant specializes in repair and stabilization of industrial floors and floor joints. Almost all commercial and industrial concrete floors and floor joints require ongoing maintenance. Material handling operations conducted on unstable concrete floor slabs and joints can cause costly product and equipment damage, hinder productivity, and even pose a risk to employee safety.

Ace/Avant is fully trained in the latest methods and equipped with the latest materials and equipment to provide the best repair options to perform all aspects of concrete floor repair, joint repair, and joint stabilization including:  


  • Joint rebuilding
  • Joint Sawing
  • Certified installers of the SD Joint Saver
  • Floor slab and joint stabilization
  • Floor slab crack repair
  • Curled slab restoration 
  • Slab void filling


Concrete Joint Sealing:

We provide quality joint sealing to meet any specification. Ace/Avant has experience with the installation of various types of joint sealing materials and systems including but not limited to the following:  


  • Silicon joint sealant
  • Hot poured elastic joint sealant
  • Neoprene compression joint sealant
  • Two component elastomeric joint sealant
  • Cold poured Jet Fuel Resistant (JFR) joint sealant


Concrete Slab Stabilization:

Material handling operations that take place repeatedly on the surface of a concrete slab often cause concrete settlement and voids under the slab to occur. These slab on grade concrete surfaces can become unstable as well as dangerous. These problems become intensified in commercial/industrial warehouses that use heavy, solid wheel forklifts and other material handling equipment.

Ace/Avant’s Specialty Division provides slab stabilization and slab underpinning services.  The injection of a high density, structural grade polyurethane foam inside voids underneath settling or rocking concrete slabs can support them without excavation and added weight. The polyurethane material is fast setting and fast curing, to minimize any possible downtime.